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A leadership team that averages 20+ years of supply chain experience.

With a leadership team that averages 20+ years of supply chain experience, ProServ’s atmosphere promotes autonomous thinking, trust, and appreciation of our trade. We know how to manage an infinite range of services; from a national door-to-door supply chain with a tight landed cost budget, to a startup that wants to get its product to market.

Even though we don’t go around saying, “been there, done that,” when it comes to our experience in managing the extensive ins and outs of a dynamic supply chain, the odds are that we probably have. Our customers value that experience and trust us to provide them the best transportation solutions.

We come to work every day excited by the opportunity to leverage our knowledge and provide our partners value across the board while growing together for tomorrow’s possibilities.

ProServ Logistics is managed by an intensely positive and creative group that is committed to building an environment of trust for our customers, carriers and employees.

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COO North American Food Ingredient Shipper:

Proserv helps Famous Products by being a true ‘logistics partner’, and an extension of our company to our stakeholders. It is important to us that we have a partner that helps a small organization like ours capture the same benefits larger organizations enjoy. We do not want to have ‘transactional’ relationships with our partners. Those relationships come and go and there are no compelling reasons to maintain a relationship of that nature unless the only benefit is costs. We make decisions every day to partner with Proserv, and costs is not the driving factor. Understanding our pain points, how to manage the processes of our co-man partners, and providing dependable service to our retail customers are the reasons we have Proserv as one of our top logistics partners. We also value Proserv providing timely updates on market factors in play (trucker shortages, weather issues) that need to be part of our thought process as we look to optimize our operations.

Global Paper Shipper shares these comments about ProServ:

I feel the below is what separate Proserv from other carriers:

  • Delivery Performance (Deliver OTIF) – Customers want to know that you will do what you say you will do; this builds trust and equity.
  • “Be Accessible” – When there is a question, problem, grievance, claim, etc.. be accessible to your customer. Early answers help diffuse a situation quickly and lend credibility to all parties involved. Problems are going to happen, but the key is to rectify them immediately even if that means a quick call to say “I hear you and I am on top of this”.
  • Operate with Integrity – If you say you want to be a partner, then simply act like it. This goes beyond just “delivering loads”. If you see a better way for us to increase performance, then say so… if you see things we are doing wrong, bring those to light.. if you see prices moving up or down in the market, be proactive with a conversation… it really goes back to the golden rule, “treat others like you would wanted to be treated”. Sounds simple, but it is in short supply these days.
  • Director of Logistics for a North American Flour Shipper:

    The relationship that I have with Brian and Tron is the reason we keep using ProServ. Are there cheaper brokers – maybe, are there brokers with more local ties – maybe, do I care – absolutely not.

    The “magic” that Brian gives off as he truly cares about the customer’s needs and wants. If it is unrealistic, Brian will say so in a heartbeat. We have a lot in common and it has become one of the best relationships I have. We are passionate about many similar things, such as fishing, hockey, and talking about raising our kids. The key to selling anything whether it is transportation, flour, or ketchup popsicles is the salesperson needs the customer to trust, like and respect them as a person. Once the defensive mechanism is down and the customer likes you as a person – they will be your customer for life.

    Building value in what ProServ can do for a company is also something Brian and Tron are very good at. As long as the value is .01 above the price, the sale is easy. When I get calls, emails, texts on the weekend from Brian or Tron it makes me feel great that these guys care so much about getting the load delivered on time. Are all loads rainbows and unicorns – absolutely not! We have had some doozies in our time together – You two remember the Fiasco in Pasco? Lol

    Making profit is not a bad thing. Most shippers try to negotiate to the very rock bottom and nobody wins. Brian, Tron and I have always had open communication about this and we try to make all the rates as fair as possible. We win some, we lose some on both sides of the coin, and that right there is the making of a long-term valuable relationship based on liking these two like brothers of my own, trusting them with my business, and respecting their judgement and knowing they will counsel me on every move.